Tuesday, February 15, 2005


For the longest time, I thought I was hearing this during the Interpol song "Leif Erikson" --

She says Bree thinks her love's a pony
My love's a criminal

Which made minimal sense, I'll admit, but it turns out the actual lyrics are:

She says brief things, her love's a pony
My love subliminal

It's gratifying to know that I was at least right about the pony bit, which in my opinion is the weirdest part of those lyrics.

Relatedly, I must report that the actual lyrics to "Take You on a Cruise" are far less interesting than what I thought they were. Snippets I thought I heard included such as

I see that you've come to resist me
In pickling time
I am a scavenger between the ships of union
Lately I can't tell for sure, did the machines tell anyone?

The actual lyrics, being somewhat less exciting, will not be reproduced here. You can go look them up yourself somewhere, but I warn you: Disappointment awaits.

EVAPORATION UPDATE: The water is still there, but I am confident that it will be gone by tomorrow. It's been raining a lot, though, which now leads me to wonder whether the air around here will be getting tired of absorbing water or something.