Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I have developed an affinity for the Hugo Boss stuff that comes in the gray sphere. Trouble is, I would like it in its aftershave balm form, and of the roughly seven department stores and Sephora locations I've visited, not one has it. I would buy it online -- there's an eBay seller who's got it for ridiculously cheap -- but eBay's registration process sends me in a tight little circle from which there is no apparent exit. I cannot register for eBay and I can't find this stuff in its proper form in physical stores, and I refuse to pay fifty damn dollars on sephora.com.

There is, funnily enough, a scent made by some dude named Alfred or Albert (it's some A-name) Sung that's not bad. Ha ha! If I can't find that Hugo-Boss-in-a-sphere in its aftershave form by, say, Thursday, then I am probably going to just get that.