Thursday, September 08, 2005


I don't think I'm alone in having the following experience happen to me:

I buy an aftershave I like, and by the time I am about to run out of it and hence about to buy more of the same, the company that makes it has either vanished or just stopped making it for some stupid reason.

I've been using this in its aftershave-balm form, to pretty universally excellent reviews, but the tube is getting lighter and lighter. Naturally I thought "Okay, time to buy more from the internet!" since that's where I got it last time. It appears that even the internet is out of this stuff, or at least the balm, which fucking boggles the mind. I guess it's time to either

- Find a new scent
- Try to find the regular liquid aftershave version and learn how to use that

But really, what the balls, Hugo Boss. Didn't enough people like this stuff to prompt you to keep making it? Why do I keep seeing the same bottles of junk from all the other companies at the men's fragrance counter, while the ones I personally select keep dropping off the consumer radar? Maybe my purchase is the mark of death for a brand.