Monday, January 16, 2006


I accidentally sort of dissed David Foster Wallace tonight. In a very small-time, easily-resolved way, but still. Still. Brief story follows.

My excellent friend Genevieve alerted me to a reading he was giving tonight at a church all tucked away in the upper Haight, and I went with her and her boyfren Anthony. It was spectacular. DFW is pretty much one of my favorite authors.

I got a copy of his new book, and after he signed it with pleasant small talk, I got a picture taken with him.* Figuring I'd taken up enough of the dude's time (and not wanting to hold up the line), I quickly ducked out of the way, totally missing when he held out his hand for me to shake. Just as quickly, Genevieve and Anthony and also Mr. F. Wallace's wife** pointed out what had happened. ARGH! MORTIFICATION! Also, humor. Relief. We shook like respectable men, and the three of us who were not married to him made our exit. There was a very long line.

Also, completely unrelatedly, the first Dogblog update of the year went up like five minutes ago.

* The picture is here, though it is somewhat blurry. My camera is old.

** Whose name I already forget, which further proves what a huge chump sucka I am, but she was very nice.