Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Here's what happened:

1. I drove through a puddle last night.
2. My car now smells like skunk.

These events have to be connected. The instant I drove through the puddle, I noticed an immediate blanketing of skunk stench in the air, and drove slightly faster to try and get out of it sooner. But it lingered kind of disturbingly long time. And it's still there. When I first get into my car, it's there. After I've driven around for about a minute, it's gone, but still.

My best guess is that there was skunk ... material* in the puddle, and when I drove through it, the material adhered to my car. I hope that by parking in sun, I can cause it to decay through the application of solar radiation. This may be a vain hope.

* What is it that makes the stench? Is it an oil of some kind? This is not a topic I ever expected to want to know a whole lot about.