Monday, February 12, 2007


So I have one of those headsets for my phone that has a wire, one end of which hooks into my ear while the other plugs into the phone itself. Or at least I had one. Long story short: I accidentally left the ear-part lying in the rain outside my car for at least a few hours, possibly overnight. I uh no longer want to put that end of it inside my ear; there was a while maybe last year where a guy I know seemed to get a lot of ear infections, and it sounded like a horrible pain in the ass.

But so now what. I should get a new one, yeah, but ... okay, look: The whole having-a-wire thing is what doomed the last one (it must have gotten snagged on some part of my clothing without me noticing), so it would be good to have one that's wireless. But I'd need to be sure to only wear it inside the car (which is what I do anyway), or else I'd end up looking like

- One of those business-type jackasses that congregate in bars you know to avoid
- Someone who's trying as hard as he can to live out his cyborg fantasy

I'll just have to see, I guess. By which I mean "see how much the wireless ones cost," because if they're expensive, then fuck it. The wired one lasted a long time; I can get another without feeling ridiculous.