Thursday, February 01, 2007


God dammit people. You'd think there'd be one guy on the entire Boston PD who'd take a look at one of those lights and, in the space of .032 seconds, realize the following items:

- "Hey, that's a guy from Aqua Teen Hunger Force"
- "You know what, this isn't a bomb, it's a bunch of lights"

Here's a question I already know the answer to: Why is it that these things have been up in eight other major American cities without anybody freaking out? (the answer is that none of these cities are run by idiots, apparently)

But here's a couple of questions I don't know the answers to:

- Where are the ones in San Francisco? Did they already get taken down? (FUCK)
- If it turned out you could sell these things on eBay, how awesome would that be? (engadget had a link to one that apparently got removed) Seriously, how awesome.