Friday, September 19, 2008


It occurred to me a while ago that what we need is a new kind of inspirational movie for kids. You know that movie where there's an old summer camp or a youth rec center that's being bought by an evil corporation, or an old white man, and a ragtag group of down-on-their-luck ragamuffins teams up to put on a play or win the big boat race and save their beloved gathering spot? Let's have one of those, but with crimes instead of antics.

"Come on, guys! We can do this if we just believe in ourselves! And also get some guns!"

"Lucy, Fat Billy, even little Jo-Jo: the magic is inside each of you. It's in your hearts, and in your heads, and in your pockets, where you keep your knives."

"Old Man Wilkins sure will think twice about trying to buy the rec center now! Especially since we sent him his daughter's left hand in ice!"