Monday, July 27, 2009


Never again am I going this long without access to email or Twitter, especially if I'm at something like San Diego Comic Con. 24/7 access to these things are basically a necessity now for a man of my particular lifestyle. I've been waiting for a sexy Android device, but it may be iPhone time. Dammit.

What can I tell you about SDCC.

- It was great
- I hung out with basically all of my favorite people
-- Which is hard to do when you've got different sets of friends that don't overlap
-- And there's only one of you
-- But I more or less made it work
-- Although I did end up pretty hoarse by the end, from yelled conversations in noisy bars
- I got to make a pretty good joke out of something that's long creeped me out about these conventions
- I got a free giant foam hand that, instead of putting up a single finger, throws the Vulcan salute
-- Yeah
-- It was like that