Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Anyone who's eaten a single-serving bag of Kettle Chips knows that those bags only open one way: they provide a little tear in the top of the bag that allows you to rip it open down the side. Or more like forces you to open it that way. You can't do it the normal damn way!

What was wrong with the normal way, Kettle Chips people? You grab it at the top and use the flap to pull the top apart. This method is not possible with Kettle Chips. You just can't do it; something about the adhesive they use or the manufacturing process for the bags makes it god damn near impossible.

Why do this. It's not just that this feels like an inferior way to open a bag of chips. It's taking choice away! This chip company is taking away my freedom! What the fuck country am I in, if not America?! SHALL NOT THE FLAG OF FREEDOM FLY FREE?!?! ?!?!?!