Monday, June 22, 2009

Dogs 439-443

All those signs were just confusing, anyway; it's much simpler to have a sensible cop onhand to explain this parking crap in plain English.

Usually I'd stop myself from just posting the picture and then a bunch of unrestrained chuckling, but what the hell else are you gonna do when confronted with a face like that. Honestly.

All of a sudden, for no clear reason, I understand how some people get the nickname "Bear" and have it stick for life.

When there's no viable way to physically get a U-lock securely around your primary mode of transportation, you kind of have to go with what you've got. Or just whatever's around. It's called ingenuity.

Feelings, man. It's like ... everyone has them, but how do I know what you feel is anything like what I feel? Is your loneliness the same as mine? Clearly not, because if it was, you'd've torn your own heart out of your living chest and EATEN IT just to stop it from HURTING