Monday, January 24, 2005

How to have a wedding that isn't terrible

To elaborate on my last post, here is a quick sketch of the way we are planning ours to go down:

Family (less than 30) gather at the 29 Palms Inn a day or two beforehand. It's a little village of adobe bungalows and woodframe cottages in the high desert. We've reserved a large portion of it so far; ours (Irene's historic adobe) has a big old back courtyard for gatherings. We'll party and have fires outside and drink and enjoy each other's company and listen to music.

Cactus everywhere.

A few siblings may plan daytrips to Joshua Tree or the Mojave Nat'l Preserve, which is nearby.

brief and secular ceremony will be at the spot of an abandoned townsite in the Mojave Desert called Bagdad.

(You may have seen this movie...the namesake still exists and operates, but it is located down the road in Newberry Springs.)

I drove out to Bagdad yesterday to survey the site; our friend Mike is going to be performing the ceremony. He is also going to be building the platform that we erect on the site for the ceremony, and doing any number of other awesome things.

The site is festively littered with old broken colored glass, which glitters in the sun. I have several sacks of it at home for mosaics.

I am designing an art piece for the platform to act as a backdrop or arch or posts or something along those lines.

Here is the site:

It's hard not to squint in the sun:

We'll have an RV out there, and booze of course, and briefly exchange vows. (The legal will have been taken care of prior.) Then we head back to Pasadena and have a nice dinner somewhere.

I'm designing anything that needs to be designed with the harsh, severe beauty of the desert in mind.

The golden hour on the National Trails Highway makes everything lovely:


At 2:45 PM, kobold47

"Family (less than 30) gather at the 29 Palms Inn"

That's perfect! One palm per family member. That way, nobody gets jealous.

At 2:17 AM, Aristotle

Oh man, that sounds like it's going to be terribly not terrible. I expect pics!

Also, I wanted to give you the link directly rather than posting it on your blog, but since I've been unable to get ahold of you and it's vaguely topical: What's your favorite Flickr group? has some nice imagery. Check out.

At 9:10 AM, Julie

Those are addictive; I had to tear myself away from the Peeling Paint group to get back to work. It's neat looking at a whole series of pictures that you would have composed exactly so, but they're not yours. I have a whole slew of desert pictures.

That's true, Evan, but a problem is still presented if less than 29 people attend, because then there is the potential for fighting over the division of the unclaimed palms. For this reason I am bringing a medium-sized handsaw.

At 10:39 AM, Anonymous

That sounds like it will be about the best wedding possible.

Many happy returns on it.


At 3:39 PM, Julie


At 9:14 PM, stef

I feel like I missed something ... when is the Big Day? Did you say? Or are you keeping it secret to prevent the paparazzi from staking it out? NO I DO NOT WORK FOR THEM.

At 3:13 PM, Julie

April 16th!


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