Friday, January 07, 2005

Some DumbPictures for your eyes

When Dev gets called out to the high desert, it's MiniDevCon time in Pasadena. L-R: Jim, Dev, Jose
(click for bigger)

Still Life with Insouciance

Dev waxes guitarical

Everyone loves chicken and waffles.
Dev is pictured moments before Carole C Special deployment.
Jose knows it's Scoe's.

Scott graciously overcomes his soul-stealing superstition.

Jim proves once and for all that he drinks beer.

Jose proves that he is willing to rock and roll all night.

Scott proves he has good peripheral vision.

Dev proves I should have used the flash.

The final image of the evening.


At 2:59 AM, Anonymous

Jake announces with fervor:

Your camera appears to be stuck in "Olde Timey" mode. I think if you adjust the internal date from 19th to 20th or 21st century, the camera will correct itself.

At 6:46 AM, jannon

julie julie your blog is party.

At 12:01 PM, Julie

All of the pictures that look funny were nearly black, taken in low light with no flash. I pumped them up TO THE EXTREME

At 12:20 PM, jacksonpritt

OH MAH GAWD!!!!!!!


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