Friday, February 04, 2005


As some of you may be aware, every Friday is bagel day here at the office. This is all well and good, but a slight problem takes shape in the form of an overzealous cleaning staff. By noon, all the leftover bagels and cream cheese are gone. What happens if I want a snack at 3 or 4:00?

My solution is to take a bagel and save it here at my desk. For the cream cheese, I take an unused container of the plain (we seem to have a lot of it) and stick it in the fridge. The cleaning dudes don't look in the fridge, apparently.

What this means is that I am unstoppable. I cannot be stopped.

Also, there was a Dogblog update last night; I don't know if you already knew that.

Can you guys do me a favor and try putting in some comments? I want to see if the commenting is broken or something.