Monday, March 28, 2005


Not having an ATM card is proving to be one of the most annoying things about modern life for people who used to have ATM cards. I am sort of glad the weekend is done just because I was starting to feel like a mooch. Hopefully the new one will arrive in the next couple of days and I can go back to using the money that's currently locked up inside the bank.*

The title of this post comes from a particularly memorable homeless white dude back in Pittsburgh's Oakland region who would stand on the street wearing an enormous festive sombrero and ask passersby in a nasal, barely-intelligible bray, "Spare any change?" What you see above is the most accurate phonetic rendering of what he actually sounded like.

* I realize I could just go to a branch and physically withdraw some money from the teller person, but the amount of hassle that entails is too great to contemplate at any length.