Thursday, December 01, 2005


My housemate Michelle's dog, Bo, is still really god damn funny.

None of us have been able to figure this out, but his favorite room in the whole house is definitely the master bedroom, which doesn't belong to his owner. It belongs to our housemate David. Whenever the door's open, Bo comes upstairs, walks a few feet in, and has a lie-down. I noticed this behavior immediately after he and Michelle moved in. What's the appeal? None of us know. It's not like David keeps bacon in low-lying open containers or something. Bo doesn't even seem interested in hanging out with David -- he'll go in there when he's not home. He just really loves that spot for some inscrutable reason. This is a secret Bo is likely to take to his grave, along with what breed or mix of breeds he is. That's something else nobody can seem to pin down.

Unrelatedly, I finally updated the Dogblog. That took longer than I thought it would.