Wednesday, June 21, 2006


A blogmeme escaped LJ and tagged excellent Jenni, who in turned tagged me! There is no escape.
  1. I've picked up a lot of my recent verbal tics from an online comic strip. (c.f. "such as" placed before actions, "ain't" substituted for "can't," "don't," or "won't")

  2. After I've gone to a show, I turn the stereo off on my drive home; it's like the music has to marinate in me for a while.

  3. I stole some binder clips from work for the express purpose of using them to close my bags of chips and whatnot at home.

  4. I keep an mp3 CD of stand-up comedy in my car for traffic jams.

  5. When considering an amount of money, I tend to split it up in terms of CDs it'd buy. A million dollars is a damn lot of CDs.

  6. Through a mix of coincidence and generosity, I own one of each of the last-generation videogame consoles (PS2, Gamecube, Xbox), but I only have two games for each one. At least they're system-specific titles. I only ever seem to play with them when people are over; they're that kind of thing.

  7. Spiders and disgusting insects are the only things that bother me; I don't mind snakes, and I probably wouldn't be afraid of rats either.

  8. I wonder sometimes whether a parallel-universe version of me would have entered the military, since I have displayed not-inconsiderable skill for organizing things and telling people what to do, but then I remember the whole taking orders angle.
I can't tag anybody else, since I'm not too sure who reads this thing, but if you want to do your own, I ain't stop you.