Thursday, September 28, 2006


I think the Great Highway must be some civil engineer's idea of a jokey experiment. See, between Lincoln and Sloat, the Great Highway has stoplights every two blocks that used to be timed in sequence: If you drove at about 35mph, you could hit every single one of them just as they turned from red to green, and if there was nobody ahead of you, you didn't need to use your brakes as long as you maintained the right speed. Really, even if there was somebody ahead of you, it didn't matter as long as that person understood the concept of timing; I always feel a mixture of disdain and pity for people who race ahead to each stoplight and sit there like morons until the green comes.

Okay, so now it's different, but in a weird way: For the past week, every other stoplight along the Great Highway's been timed in sequence for cars driving about 35mph. The other ones? Those stay green all the time. I don't know what's going on. Why change it? It's not like it lets you drive faster; you still have to stick to about 35 unless you want to sit in front of a red light every four blocks. Is it just for laughs? Did someone want to see if it would affect how people drive on that road? I'm just curious here.