Wednesday, May 23, 2007


My fascination with the bathrooms at my job continues even in this new (awesome) setting. Here's the current item of interest: Isn't soap supposed to foam? Even "lotion soap"? I'm familiar with soaps that are supposed to moisturize your hands even while they clean, but those soaps (as far as I can recall) have always, you know, lathered. The downstairs bathroom, which I like more than the one on my floor, has a soap dispenser featuring something that calls itself "lotion soap" but which I really suspect is just lotion. Like someone's having a laugh on us. There's no denying that it at least smells clean, or like what "clean" should be, but I just don't know if I trust something that doesn't foam up. It actually feels kind of weird and greasy -- exactly like what I think it would feel like to just put some lotion on your hands and run them under water.

Fortunately, there's an alternative soap dispenser right next to the sink, and even though it's broken (it has no spout), I can still get real (foamy) soap out of that one.