Thursday, April 24, 2008


Spammers on Twitter haven't seemed to figure out yet that just because A follows B, that doesn't mean B gets A's updates. Both A and B have to follow each other to make that happen. Seeing as how I'm trying to decrease the amount of spam in my life, that is an unlikely occurrence in the extreme. But good try, I guess? Or not?

Idiotic conspiracy theory: What if they're following all the people they can in order to somehow build detailed demographic profiles? This is potentially awesome because we can all just start twittering false data on random days.

"Comparing luxury SUV specs online -- soooooo excited!"
"Why do baby carriages not come in triplet models?"
"My police scanner collection needs dusting."
"Pier One doesn't have those throw pillows in springdawn orchid anymore :("
"Parole officer thinks my Iron Cross + crown of thorns tribal is a bad idea"