Wednesday, June 11, 2008


In the bathroom stall I've come to think of as my favorite, there's a kind of shelf created by the box that holds the toilet seat covers and two rolls of TP. On top of this shelf, for the past several months, someone's been putting at least one open roll of TP (today there were two). I think I know why this is: the spindles on the rolls of TP in the actual holder make a reedy shrieking sound whenever they turn. My guess is that someone really, really hates this noise and gives himself (and others) the option to bypass it altogether. I actually find this to be slightly more convenient, so that's what I've been doing; I just wanted to acknowledge this person's efforts to save our ears from one more annoying, unnecessary noise in the world. [This is the space where a joke about politicians and annoying, unnecessary noise would have gone were I a less astute man; feel free to include your own in the comments]