Tuesday, March 01, 2005


- Does anyone know of a place that will do same-day shipping? The lady at the Postal Annex shop-type location told me that neither UPS nor FedEx does it, and I'm pretty sure the USPS is not set up for that sort of thing. Am I making up same-day shipping? Is that something I've seen only in dreams?

- Speaking of dreams, what was going on with that dream I had last night? I require a quorum on whether it's more or less hot to have a sex dream involving someone you have never seen before in your life (this one was a brunette). That makes at least two in a two-week period. Actually, they were both brunettes (the first one had lip piercings, which I know is an odd detail to remember, but that is why my brain is awesome). Or maybe that's not interesting.

- Why is my Gmail account getting spam now. That never used to happen. Now it happens once or twice a day. That seems like a 100-200% increase from two weeks ago.