Sunday, April 03, 2005


Guess what got updated just now -- I'm perilously close to 170. That's pretty crazy, that is.

I did a lot of cleaning this weekend for APE (next weekend). I'm not even sure how many people are going to see the inside of my house, but I feel like it's important that it be presentable. I have transformed the upstairs toilet and sink into gleaming monuments to the very concept of cleanliness. I have also determined that we need a new sponge mop, because the one we have sucks and is now broken.

Today's sudden torrential rain means I'll probably have to take a different route to work tomorrow morning (I still can't remember whether I've got a meeting); the Great Highway almost always gets flooded and I have to take Sunset. I guess this city's drainage system is just not that good. Why does that surprise me?

Lastly: I may have said it before, but I have perfected my marinara. Sauce 4.1 is the recipe I will use until the end of time, or until someone Italian shows me a crazy secret straight from the homeland or something.