Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Many things occurred this weekend.

- Excellent pal Jess came for a visit from New York, and more or less constant hangouts occurred with a great many people. A great. Many. People.

- ULTIMATE TEAM CARDBOARD FORTRESS BATTLE proceeded more or less hitchlessly, and now I have some idea how it'll go when we do it again. There are going to be some adjustments to the rules/objectives, and when I've made them, I'll let you know. Next time, though, we definitely need people to show up and be photojournalists, because of a reason.

- Halloween costume was basically perfect.

- Many of us learned to play a card-based game called Mafia, which we switched to Cylon pretty quickly.

- On my way to work today, I stopped behind a car that had not one but three unironic "PROTECTED BY ANGELS" stickers, and contemplated how useful it would be to have a structural integrity forcefield to reinforce my car so I could plow into/through objects and take no damage.