Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The costume shop to which I wanted to pay a visit this evening closed about half an hour before I got there. This was for some reason tremendously irritating to me. The trouble with the place is that it's one of those transient Halloween costume stores that appears during this month and no other time, so it's not like it's got a website or a yellow pages entry or something (I didn't know what it was called, either). Tomorrow I'll go back during its actual hours and find out some things. Among them: Whether they're in business or anything resembling business during the month of May, because I'm developing long-range* plans and this is vital intel.

Unrelatedly, the Dogblog updated like ten minutes ago. Now you're on the cutting edge of web technology, which I've just renamed "webnology." You heard it here first!

* Bay to Breakers