Tuesday, March 07, 2006


- I like Late Registration more than College Dropout, but the excellence of the beats and production makes the contrast with Kanye's sub-par rapping skills that much starker

- The mysterious Cheddar Bacon Tato Skin clones marketed by TGI Friday's are no longer available in the work vending machine nor at Target

- There's a toilet in the upstairs bathroom that's been "out of service" for nearly two weeks now; how the hell hard is it to fix a corporate toilet

- My ideal world includes a solution to factory farming wherein large quantities of animal muscle tissue are grown in nutrient tanks and then either wired apart or flash-frozen and chopped up with tools (this spares everyone the moral burden of having to raise an actual animal in subpar conditions and then kill it)

- Sometimes there is no better drink than water

- The fourth item is neither observation nor opinion, really, but I felt like mentioning it anyway

- How about that