Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Like a lot of other humans, I enjoy Achewood quite a bit, but there have been aspects of its recent writing that sort of defy reason, wry little feats of phrasery that, while not totally unprecedented, are still more or less unmatched anywhere else on the damn internet. Let's not bother with endlessly quoting lines from the strip or the blogs some of the characters keep -- you can just read them from there. The thing that really seals it for me is the quasi-daily "Current baby status" update at the bottom of the main page; the author and his wife had a baby a little while ago, and the bone-dry matter-of-factness with which he deals with this new reality is pretty much the antidote to every Cute Baby Thing On The Internet ever.

The last update was a couple of days ago: God gives babies mullets, but I take them away.