Wednesday, March 22, 2006


1. The weather from the past week or so has convinced me that there is definitely something going on atmospherically above I-280 right where it hits 92, around the Eugene Doran Memorial Bridge. I always notice that the temperature seems to drop when I pass it if I'm headed north, or rise when I'm headed south. This permanent collision of warm/cold air masses would also explain why that seems to be where the cutoff for rain exists. I remember bits and pieces of 8th grade Earth Science!

2. Whenever I walk into the post office in the Presidio, I smell chlorine. I suspect it's from whatever they use to clean the place, but my first instinct is always to think they're hiding a swimming pool in there somewhere.

3. I may have brought this up before, but you know how Christianity (or maybe just some version of it) has the concept of the Antichrist? How successful would a campaign to name Bush the Antipresident be? Can I start it anyway? I can't think of another president who's done so much damage in such a short time to so many people both here and abroad than that dude. I don't mean to get all political on you, I just think this is a totally stellar idea.