Thursday, August 03, 2006


I divide and grow like a cell

What this is, is the voice of the dude inside me who appears from time to time when I create projects for myself. In this case, it started out as "I should burn some mp3 CDs for some friends of mine." This morphed pretty quickly, however, into

- "I should also make a little mix CD that has tracks from all these albums, because sometimes it's hard to just dive into a bunch of albums you don't know."

- "This is actually turning out to be a double-disc mix CD."

- "If I'm giving them this one album by Artist X, shouldn't I also include the other album, even though nothing from that album is going on the mix? It seems almost criminal not to."

This is a completely easy thing to do, though, because technology has made it ridiculously simple to burn CDs. I damn love when that happens.