Thursday, March 22, 2007


You must have noticed this: Anytime you go to the bathroom in a public location and toilet paper is involved, do you invariably encounter a massive roll of unperforated paper that's like an inch too narrow? What in the noise is that all about? I mean, I can understand maybe the unperforated bit -- maybe it complicates the manufacturing process? -- but why does public restroom toilet paper have to be so damn narrow? It's like trying to clean up with a gas station receipt or something. I end up having to use more, just so I can fold it into a complicated multilayered shape that approximates the width of the TP I'm used to. This should not be. Manufacturers of industrial-size TP surely have homes to return to at night, where one might hope they would crap at least occasionally. Do none of them look at the paper in their hand at night and think to themselves, "It might be a good idea to make my company's TP this wide. After all, it's what I'm used to." No? Why not.