Wednesday, April 04, 2007


As a human person living in America in the year 2007, I am well acquainted with the idea of "outrage fatigue" or whatever you want to call it, but what the fucking fuck -- at what point did Bush decide to just crown himself King of America and do whatever the shit he feels like?* A god damn Swift Boat donor as an ambassador to a legitimate European country?

Like others, I have a suspicion that Bush has a committee meeting every morning somewhere in the White House whose sole task is figuring out what bullshit he can get away with next. I imagine its emblem is a drawing of a grinning baboon head passing through the transverse colon of a massive, armored, diesel-powered elephant wearing camouflage underpants and a pope hat.

Or maybe that's just my own mental image there.

* Probably back in 2001 har de har har snorf arf suicide