Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Some things that are probably useful to know about my personal internet/scheduling peculiarities are as follows:

- I typically only check my friends' blogs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I don't use RSS; I keep their blogs bookmarked in folders separated by rough categories, which I open in simultaneous tabs in Firefox. I don't check them every day because most of the people I know don't update often enough to make that seem worthwhile.

- When I put an event into my Google Calendar, I set GCal to remind me about it by email two days in advance. Usually that's enough, and I don't set it to re-remind me subsequently.

What this amounts to is that I completely spaced out on the birthday of one of my favorite people who lives in this city, which happened yesterday (a Tuesday), and for which I had created an event in Gcal. The above are just excuses, though; the reason is below:

- I am not a very good/competent person.

I'm sorry, Anjie. I owe you!