Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I wonder if MySpace spammers are trying a different tactic or if this is just a random statistical hiccup, but I feel like lately I've been getting friend requests from fake profiles with unusually plain-sounding names like "Joanne" and "Joyce." You know, as opposed to "Crystal" or "Britney" or whatever. It still doesn't work, mind you -- it takes all of .02 seconds to identify a profile as porn spam (lately it's been pharmaceutical spam masquerading as porn spam, a contortion whose efficacy I wonder at). The one outlier this week has been "Nissie," which definitely isn't plain-sounding, but which I'm not sure qualifies as porn-sounding, either.

Some poor soul who friended "Nissie" and has named his profile "ThE aFrIcAn PrInCe" has, as his endlessly tiled background, Photobucket's "bandwidth exceeded" image. One can only imagine what it was supposed to be.