Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Most(?) of the lineup for the upcoming Outside Lands festival right here in San Francisco has been announced, and while I was initially extremely, insanely excited to be able to bike to a place to see fucking Radiohead play a show, the ticket information's a cold cup of coffee. A single three-day ticket is 225 American dollars, which is technically cheaper than Coachella, but (and I am sorry to say this, artists) that is not really a Coachella-comparable lineup, even with the addition of Radiohead. There are currently no single-day passes, which may be offered later based on availability; this says to me "We're going to try to make as many people pay full price as possible, because otherwise everyone is just going to go on whatever day Radiohead plays." That might just be my personal interpretation, though I can't believe Jack Johnson would be as big of a draw, or the animate skeleton of Tom Petty.