Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I'm in favor of everybody practicing a "yellow/mellow" approach to their toilets in the interest of saving water, but I'm also in favor of not having bathrooms be a place of total rank odor. How to fix this.

You know those chemical pucks you can throw into your toilet tank that turn the water blue and supposedly help keep the bowl clean? Why not have a similar one that contains chemicals that negate urine stank? The general ingredients of piss have probably been known for a while. Surely this olfactory negation must be possible using science.

Possible Frankenstein consequence: what if we end up with pucks that don't chemically cancel the smell, but instead scent the water itself in an effort to simply mask the odor. That would probably be terrible, and also that shit would likely never come out of the water. NOTE: DO NOT USE THIS METHOD.