Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Like most of us, I maintain a couple of different email accounts for different purposes. I tend to use my Yahoo one for when I need to register for websites or buy plane tickets or something. They recently made a change that fucked something up, which I am going to complain about on my blog.


You used to be able to select View > Unread Messages and it would just work. It would show you all the unread messages in your inbox, so you could mass-select them with one checkbox and delete them if they were bullshit.

Now it's broken. View > Unread Messages only shows you some of the fucking things now, such that you have to select and delete them, and only then does the next batch show up for you to deal with. I thought it was a pagination issue, but it doesn't seem to be: Let's say for instance that I'm viewing the last 200 emails in my inbox, 40 of which are unread. I select View > Unread Messages. You and I, being reasonable humans, would expect to see 40 unread messages, wouldn't you?

It is unso. The number of unread messages I can see seems to depend on some unseen, magic variable (the position of the moon, the number of cats coughing in Bangkok), but it is never, ever the total number of unread messages. I need to call bullshit on somebody with a large mallet, but I don't know who. Maybe it's the same person who years ago fucked up their previously-sensible plain HTML TV listings so badly (they became this hideous, bloated, Ajaxy thing that was a horror to view and to use) that I jumped ship to MSN for my schedule information.