Thursday, September 18, 2008


I don't want to be That Guy On The Bus, but it was literally impossible to not notice the girl sitting directly across from me today who chose her bus ride as the correct time to apply a serious amount of makeup. She put some color on her upper eyelids with a weird felt-looking stick thing (eyeshadow?), some sort of powder on her face that was probably unnecessary, and used a cone-shaped, bristly brush on her eyelashes that she dipped into a container periodically. Is that what mascara is? I don't know the first damn thing about makeup.

Here's what I found impressive about this: a bus ride -- particularly this morning's brake-happy bus ride -- is generally not the most stable of environments. There are a lot of bumps and sudden starts and stops. The very real-seeming fear of accidentally stabbing an implement covered in chemicals deep into my eyeball at any given moment would prevent me outright from even attempting this action, much less accomplishing it with any degree of skill. So props to you, bus makeup girl, even if you didn't actually need any of that paint on your face in the first place (she was really pretty; did I mention that).