Monday, September 15, 2008


You know what it is I'm talkin' bout? "Somewhere in space, this may all be happening right now." I wonder where that even comes from. I could google it, I bet.


It was from the original intro to the very first Star Wars trailer! How about that.

This phrase sticks in my mind because there's just a bunch of stuff happening, and I've only just gotten back from my Boston trip. My next completely free weekend is at the beginning of next month. This is the life I lead now.

Incidentally, if we did not hang out while I was in Boston, rest assured that the next time I come back there, we will. That was my first business trip ever; next time I'll be a total pro at it.

But now, having used "google" as a verb, I have to confess to you the following: every time I see somebody who works for Google, I have the urge to, like, salute them or something. Between the search engine,* maps, calendar, docs, Android, Chrome, and mail -- son of a fuck that is one hell of a list and Android isn't even out yet -- Google is doing the Weyland-Yutani and building a better world. I realize this reference is fraught with subtext; I am sorry, but their company slogan is perfect for Google now. Rus, Dave, probably a bunch of others by now who I've lost track of -- never stop rocking.

* I mean yeah, GIS and all, but have you looked up the name of a band recently? They're doing some sort of specialized music search thing now that's kind of awesome.