Thursday, August 21, 2008


This morning I saw a pickup truck with a vanity license plate that read "SOCUCHA". What the hell is that supposed to mean. The only guess I can make is that it must not be an English word. Maybe it's a name? Man, fuck you, license plate, because you are clearly not doing your job.

Other question: sometimes I park in a garage near my office. It costs $14 to park there. Do I tip the dudes when they bring me my car out of the depths of their building at the end of the day? I know it's considered customary for valets at like a hotel or something, but this is just a daily parking garage. Also, it costs $14 -- I cannot imagine these dudes aren't making solid bank just on the baseline charge. I haven't observed anyone else tipping either, so I'm assuming it must not be required, but what if this garage is just frequented by assholes? And I'm one of them? Help me out here.