Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I'm a high-level thinker.

Since I put the postcards up on their new Flickr home, a few people have said they'd like to have them in box or book form. Far be it from me to deny anybody something they want, but as I thought about it, some things occurred to me:

- I cannot overemphasize the crudely-executed nature of these cards, which comes through in the scanning -- tape everywhere, and sloppy pasting of pictures over their cardboard substrate, which is almost always a cereal box whose design sometimes shows through the lighter parts of the picture. Unless that's part of the cards' charm? It might be, huh.

- There are a bunch of cards I made a long time ago that I never scanned at a decent resolution before sending away, so they'd probably reproduce terribly. I'd have to exclude anything from that set.

- I would need to actually know something about books and printing, or spend a lot of time consulting with someone who does, in order to get a postcard book off the ground. I'm assuming it would be one of those postcard books with the thick, cardstocky tear-out pages you could actually use as postcards if you were so inclined. This is not an insurmountable hurdle, but I am not a dude with a whole lot of time on his hands.

- I'd have to figure out which postcards out of the reproducible set to actually put in such a book, which would probably involve setting up an online survey of some sort. There's no point in making something permanent if it doesn't include the popular ones, but I have no idea which ones those are.

Anyway, you should know that I'm at the "thinking about it" stage and not the "definitely going to do it" stage. These are just the thoughts I'm having.