Friday, October 10, 2008


Here are some things I have to say.

- I want to send a dollar to the guy who managed to get things organized such that Proposition R actually made it onto the ballot here in San Francisco. For those of you not in town, this is the one that would rename our sewage treatment plant after George W. Bush. I wish there was a way to not just vote "Yes," but more like "Hell yes."

- I also wish there was a way to vote "Fuck this, and fuck you" on Prop 8, such that it would also cause birds with terrible diseases to shit on the heads of whoever signed the petition that got this piece of trash on the ballot. You're wasting state time and money on this bullshit? Die in a fire.

- This amuses me. Although I have to say "Troopergate" sounds more like something you'd hear in relation to a Star Wars fan convention.