Sunday, November 30, 2008


So I'm listening to All Eyez on Me and it finally dawns on me why this album sounds a little weird to my ears: it seems like he's got two simultaneous vocal tracks going on every song. I don't know if he actually recorded them twice, or if he just decided to double them or what. But I was like: why. Why do this.

It's not because he called himself 2Pac, is it? This cannot be the answer. Among other things, to me this would almost have to necessitate that during his live shows, he would appear onstage alongside a body double who knew all the words to all his songs, and they would perform synchronized, mirrored routines. I never saw the dude when he was alive, and nobody has ever said that's what his shows were like, so I'm going to assume it didn't happen.

Unless I've been having auditory hallucinations, I guess the reason for the doubled vocal tracks will never be known.