Thursday, November 20, 2008


I was at a party last night being thrown by Digg, basically to hang out with some new friends, but I was having a weird off night and couldn't seem to make any of my fun cells kick in 100%.* I think it might've been due to the fact that the party was kind of loud, and I don't like being in a place where I have to yell at somebody in order to be heard, or stand really close to them in order to be heard.

I also think I could feel the raw sucking energy of some truly desperate wannabe webstyle heroes trying to meet the correct person to pitch their Web2.0 business to,** and that unnerved me. I mean, Veronica Belmont was there and I did not say hi. That is how off-balance I felt, despite the fact that MC Hammer was there. Or I guess just Hammer now. He can call himself what he wants. He's earned that right.

* At least not internally; I don't know if anyone else could tell.

** Nobody I knew or encountered personally, but it was detectable in the same way an odor is perceivable.