Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Is it actually possible to get fat if you only eat fruits and vegetables? Like genuinely tubby? I'm trying to imagine the amount of fresh fruit and salads you'd have to eat in order to turn into a total lardass, and I can't do it.

But then again, cows are fucking enormous, and all they eat is grass.

But cows are meat, not fat. It's not like I go to a steakhouse to eat gristle.

For the curious: no, I'm not contemplating some sort of raw veg diet or something; I had just finishing eating a banana, and the question popped unbidden into my mind.

My mind kept going around and around on this, so I figured I'd put it here. Now you can all see what kind of incredibly stupid things my brain generates during a given day. Please imagine a tiny model choo-choo train with a carrot and a question mark painted on its side, chugging around a track that lines the interior of my skull, and you'll have some idea of what my mental landscape is like from time to time.