Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It's been clear for some time that the Californian system of "everybody votes on these propositions" are putting a vast number of easily-led morons within striking distance of legislating shit they should never be able to get their grubby god damned hands on in a million fucking years. It's not even just Prop 8, which was a crime against reason; did you see the ballot propositions on deck last week? Who the fuck are we to be voting on moving the state's money around like that? Since when was it my fucking job? I'm sorry if I only want qualified accounting and economic experts deciding that shit for me.

My Prop 8 thought basically boils down to: how angry would religious people be if a bunch of scientists and atheists got to have a binding say on what belongs in the Bible every few years? Would they be OK with it? I imagine not. I've said it before, but I wish the options for Prop 8 on the ballot had been:

[ ] Yes
[ ] Fuck that, and fuck you

I don't give a shit about your religion. Practice it all you want, I don't care! Just keep it the flying fuck out of my government. This should not be hard to do.