Friday, September 04, 2009


Friday comes at us again! Somehow I forgot to do an installment of randomly-generated character duos last week, so this one will be double-sized. Never say I don't love you, internet.

- Alhameed & Blitz: Time travelers from an alternate dimension where WWII was fought between the Middle East and Germany. They were fighter ace enemies in the land of their origin, but are now inseparable!

- Keeling & Schoenthal: I see the proprietors of a construction firm, for some reason. They specialize in urban parks and public garden spaces.

- Safi & Tromble: Two of the world's greatest assassins, a married couple who speak with beguiling Hong Kong accents.

- Iberra & Arthun: A girl who never left her small Mediterranean shore town and the alien warrior who crash-landed in the hills behind her house: an ongoing young adult novel series about tolerance, the pain of growing up, and exotic hand-to-hand combat techniques.

- Dostie & Schermann: I just see a yuppie couple who live in a house with a lot of white furniture and primary-colored dishware.

- Danner & Kevan: These are the first names of some dudes who started an eco-tourism firm in Aspen that got too successful for their own good. They're terrible to hang out with.

- Rands & Pinna: There's a Jerkcity joke in here that I'm going to studiously avoid.

- Ortaga & Golida: It's a sitcom about the two unluckiest, bumbling conquistadors the Olde Worlde ever saw! Halfway through the first season, one of them gets transformed by native magic into a talking puma.

- Sandborg & Kelp: Sometimes I wonder if Lore's name generator is developing sentience. These guys are obviously a private investigator duo who live in Aquaman's kingdom. One of them is a rattletrap steam-powered robot for some reason.