Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The dream I had last night is apparently proof that I can come up with the correct strategy for anything, albeit slightly late:

- Exploring an unknown planet with some people
- We open a vault in some ruins that the native creatures seem really apprehensive about
- There is a tall, charming Asian man inside
- It turns out this dude is The Devil
- As soon as I figure this fact out, he turns to face me, and I know we're gonna have to fight
-- As he prepares, he stretches one leg out in a way that somehow tells me "The Devil knows tae kwon do"
-- My next thought is "I don't know tae kwon do"
-- Followed by "I'm gonna get my head kicked in"
-- This is where I wake up, and somewhere between waking up and attaining full consciousness, the plan comes to me:
--- Wait for him to throw that first high kick, and then break the ankle of his weight-bearing leg with a savage heel stomp

I'm not sure why I thought I could pull that off, but it was the best plan my half-asleep brain could come up with. What do you want.