Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I've got something, but I don't know what it is. Its most prominent symptom is a cough that seems to originate from the center of my being. There are very slight body aches and a mild chill. Appetite's down a little, but I still get hungry, and can eat and do everything else a human does. This can't be swine flu, can it?

Evidence supportin my theory is:

- Swine flu seems to hit people like a TON of bricks, with the speed of a striking snake. This snuck up on me the way a slime mold might sneak up on a log: the cough appeared on its own with no backup symptoms four days ago, and only now am I starting to feel kind of crappy.
- Seriously, swine flu hits really hard, basically incapacitating folks for at least a day. I went home from work, true, but I stopped on the way to buy supplies for the chicken soup I'm going to make myself tonight.*

Either I have something different, or I have swine flu and I'm just a tough motherfucker. The second option seems somewhat unlikely to me for some reason.

* And Modern Warfare 2. If I'm at home sitting on my couch, what else am I going to do?