Friday, February 11, 2005


A couple nights ago, I had that thing happen to me yet again where someone mistook me for someone they knew. This time it was an Asian girl about my age who swore she'd met me before, but after a few minutes of trying to figure out where that had happened, we chalked it up to a case of mistaken identity. This is maybe the fifth time this sort of thing has occurred. How many of me are there wandering around San Francisco? I place my estimate at a minimum of three. My guess is that they're either clones, alternate Jons from other dimensions, android doubles, or one of each type.

I will find you, other Jons.

This is a threat.

This will happen.

In entirely unrelated news, there is a bowl of water in my cube that I put there for Whistler (see user photo) when he came to work with me exactly two weeks ago. There's still water in it. This is an experiment, you see, in evaporation. My guess is that when I come in on Monday, it'll be empty -- finally -- and my scientific curiosity will be laid to rest once and for all.