Thursday, July 07, 2005


It is time to get back to business, people, and that means discussing potato-based snack products that disappeared from the market years ago for no apparent reason.

Many days ago, my friend Maggie reminded me about O'Boises. That name would've been a link, btw, but the results of my cursory Googling were pitiful. Not that you should need to be reminded about O'Boises. Remember the catchphrase from the commercial? "O'Boises are o'boisterous!" Okay, nevermind that, but do you also remember that they were stone cold fantastic?

Unlike the Tato Skin thing, I have to tell you that there does not appear to be a current substitute for nor thinly-disguised absolute same thing as O'Boises anywhere in grocery stores today. I am sorry about this. I just thought you should know you're not alone if you're wondering where the hell those damn things went.